People. Culture.
Beaches. Beer.

A single ride was all it took to start Australian surf culture. With respect to the legendary tales of our local beach, we’re a local brewery celebrating these undercurrents of joy.

We’re not craft, we’re chill. In a village where community, good vibes and welcome smiles come first, we set out to be just that - a brewery for all. 

Pride of place.

Our beer reflects the proud community that we share our wonderful home with. Freshwater Brewing Co. is for all of us, a place and beer to share with friends, family and neighbours. Our brewery doors will be open soon and we can't wait to shout you a fresh one off the wood.

Independent & local.

Freshwater is a growing family and we are proud to be part of the village fun.  We’re about good beer: thirst quenching, balanced and delicious beer. Beer that doesn’t interrupt the good times but fuels them. Expect lagers and lots of them. Best enjoyed down at the beach with mates.

We’re at the start of our journey but we’re here for the long haul - to serve friends far and wide with our favourite styles of locally made, delicious amber nectar!

Brewery Doors opening soon

We're hard at work building our brewery taproom to welcome you all. For now you'll start seeing us in your favourite bottle shops, if you want us stocked - ask for us! Oh and if you want to stay in the loop join up to our mailing list! Thanks for the support.