Freshie Frothers VIP Membership

Freshie Frothers annual VIP membership is now available for our most passionate beer lovers.

Offering unbeatable value, Freshie Frothers VIP members enjoy ongoing 10% discounts on food, beer and merch, early access to events and members-only offers.

Every membership comes with an exclusive member pack, which includes:
1 x Exclusive Frothers tee. 
1 x Limited Fresh Release Cube - that's 16 delicious tinnies. 
1 x FBC Willi Becher schooner glass.
Plus 10% off all purchases for a year, online and in the Taproom.

If you’re a regular to Freshie, this is your chance to enjoy ongoing savings and be the first to hear about what’s happening at Freshie. Membership is also the ultimate gift for the beer lover in your life.

Frother FAQs

If I am already a member of the Freshie Frothers Loyalty Club, can I also become a Freshie Frothers VIP?

Yes, absolutely! We simply upgrade your profile in our system to show that you are a Freshie Frothers VIP member. You will still earn points every time you spend with us and you will still receive the Freshie Frothers Loyalty Club rewards.

I'm ready to purchase, what happens next?

Place your order online here and select which size t-shirt you would like. Once we receive your order, we will get your welcome pack ready to send to you and we will ensure you are registered as a Freshie Frothers VIP Member in our system.

You will be sent an email to your nominated email address welcoming you to the the VIP Club and giving instructions on how to redeem your ongoing 10% discount on purchases. When you visit the taproom, give your name to the bar staff and your customer profile in our system will let our bar staff know that you are entitled to 10% off food and drink (exclusions apply, please see below). 

When you visit our website, please ensure that you are logged in with your nominated email address. Your ongoing 10% discount code will be available to you in the Freshie Frothers widget, visible on all pages of our website.

Are there any restrictions on the discounts offered in the VIP membership?

Great question! You will enjoy 10% off all full-priced drinks, food, merch and beer packs online and also in our taproom. The only time we won’t be able to give you the 10% discount is if the item is already discounted, including, but not limited to, Happy Hour promotions, drink and food bundles (e.g.: Burger and Pint for $25) in the taproom or special promotions and price reductions on our merch and beer cases online. Your 10% off can not be used in conjunction with any other promotional code during the same transaction.

I plan on buying this as a surprise gift. What is the best way to go about this?

In this instance, so as not to spoil the surprise, please give your details, including email, name and delivery address for the welcome pack when placing the order. All correspondence about VIP Membership will be sent to you and not the recipient. Once you have presented the gift, please email us at and give us the name and email address of the gift recipient so we can ensure their profile is updated to VIP Member in our system.

Can I cancel my Freshie Frothers VIP membership?

The $250 fee is an annual fee and once paid is non-refundable. We will send you an email towards the end of your first year inviting you to renew your membership for another year. You can continue your membership or you can choose not to renew.

How do I receive my Freshie VIP merch pack?

Please place your order for your membership online here and select the t-shirt size you wish to receive. You can choose for us to post out your order or you can pop in to our taproom to collect it and say g’day. We’d love to see you!

How Do I Redeem My Discount Online?

Log into your online account and click on the Freshie Frothers Club widget at the bottom of the page. Visit the Tiers tab and choose Freshie Frothers VIP Members Club. Select 10% off Every Order and Redeem to generate your discount code. Enter this code into the checkout for 10% off your purchase.

How do i redeem my discount at the bar?

Easy! Give your full name to our friendly bar staff and let them know your are a Freshie Frother VIP. Your 10% discount will automatically be applied to your order. Some exclusions apply on already-discounted items or during promotional periods.

Is there someone I can email about my VIP membership?

Please feel free to email us at and we'll be happy to help!